Ballroom & Latin Competitions: New Ambitions

Ballroom & Latin Competitions in 2019

Ballroom & Latin Competitions in 2020 The new year is upon us and the Ballroom & Latin competitions are about to start in earnest. I will be pushing my school and my competitive team more than they have ever been pushed before. The new methods and the training I have planned is going to sort…

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Dance Lessons – Why Rubies Dance Centre?

Dance Lessons – Why Rubies Dance Centre and shopping on the internet If you’re looking to have dance lessons – why Rubies Dance Centre? Why choose to have your dance lessons with us? When choosing to buy anything now, we usually turn to the internet first. So have you ever thought about what the internet…

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How to Practice Ballroom Dancing Part 1

How to Practise Ballroom Dancing

How to practice ballroom dancing? This can be a very complicated subject with many different approaches and opinions. This will be the first in a series of blogs on how to practice ballroom dancing in an effort to bring you as much knowledge as possible. How to Practice Ballroom Dancing – The surprises! Many things…

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