Ballroom & Latin Competitions in 2019

Ballroom & Latin Competitions in 2020

The new year is upon us and the Ballroom & Latin competitions are about to start in earnest. I will be pushing my school and my competitive team more than they have ever been pushed before. The new methods and the training I have planned is going to sort out the weak from the strong. However, I know my pupils. I know they will up their game and prove once again that being a Ballroom & Latin competitor for Rubies is worth it. If they can trust my madness, we will have more Champions this year – both brand new dancers and those that have won before and need to win again. You can read more on how to win dance competitions here.

2020 is time for a change, and a change is coming!

Ballroom & Latin Competitions in 2019

So why am I so excited for 2020? When I transitioned into coaching from competing, I still brought my competitive spirit with me. Looking back at the Ballroom & Latin competitions in 2019, I didn’t achieve everything that I would have hoped for with my team.Ballroom & Latin Competitions in 2019 1

I attribute this to the fact that during 2019 I was in a voluntary role organising Ballroom & Latin competitions for the London Area. 

I volunteered because I believed in the organisation, believed in what they were trying to achieve and still do! My responsibilities grew so that by 2019 I was ‘second in command’. I am proud of everything we accomplished in that time to make our Ballroom & Latin competitions work for the local schools. However, towards the end of 2019, it was time for us to part ways.

What did I learn through 2019?

When I gave up organising Ballroom & Latin competitions, I realised that I now had more creative energy left over for my dance school. My voluntary role took so much head space that it left very little brainpower for teaching and coaching. The moment I quit, my brain felt free to concentrate on my pupils once more. This has been revolutionary for my team as I have been testing out new ideas and approaches for getting the Ballroom & Latin Competitions in 2019 2most out of my team. We are already seeing success with a Rubies Champion in our first Ballroom & Latin competition of the year. Even better, she has only been dancing with us for four months.

If you are interested in trying Ballroom & Lation competitions this year then you can read more about our team here.

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