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History oF Jive

Personal History of Jive

My own ‘History of Jive’ has been a special one because the jive has always been a better dance for me. Not because I studied it more than the others or because I practised it more. Jive was so natural for me that I didn’t have to practice it much. Possibly the reason I liked it so much as a kid. The competiti

History of Jive 1

on results followed suit with plenty of first places. You can read more here on lessons I learned for successful competing.

Living through History

To digress for one moment, right now we are all living through a historic period; we are in the grips of a health pandemic. To quote Trump, the world has never seen anything like this before. Except, of course, the Black Death was pretty bad. Also, don’t forget the H1N1 (Spanish flu) Virus that’s rampaged in 1918. However, there is no denying that these days are unprecedented in our lifetimes. At the time of writing, a quarter of the world’s population is now in lockdown. At Rubies Dance Centre, we want to do our part to provide some light-hearted distractions with remote classes and great online content for everyone that loves dancing. Follow up on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date. 

World History of Jive

Now, to return to the history of Jive… This is a fascinating topic to me: how Jive started in the southern clubs in the USA and morphed into the different styles that we still see today, History Of Jive 2Plus the innumerable popular Latin spin-off dances which have Jive as their base.

Free History of Jive Class

So I thought I would share this passion with you in a free remote class. Hosted on Tuesday 19th May at 7 pm – 8.30 pm. This will be free for all Rubies members. The charge for non-Rubies members will be £10 per adult. RSVP to reserve your spot on our Facebook Event.

Please don’t worry that this will just be me standing in front telling you talking. I plan to teach you this history by teaching you all the basic actions of the jive, from its earliest form in the boogie-woogie and lindy-hop then on to the jitterbug, right up through to rock n roll to the modern jive today.

This free remote History of Jive class will be jammed with dancing for all of us. All you need is your laptop and a little bit of space. Bring a glass of wine (or beverage of your choice) and we can share the history of Jive. History Of Jive 3The added advantage for many of you, I am sure, of these remote classes is the ability to mute me or turn me off. See, even Pandemics have silver linings.

Looking forward to sharing the history of Jive with you. RSVP to reserve your spot on our Facebook Event.


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