Start on the right foot

Follow our studio's policies to ensure your safety, progress and positive experience here at RDC

Tuition Policy

The owners/staff and faculty of the RDC have the right to refuse lessons to anyone whose behaviour is not deemed appropriate and acceptable.

Rubies Dance Centre's new year begins at the end of January, therefore all memberships must be renewed by the end of February.


In all adults classes, we do not allow anyone to sit and watch. If you are in the room, you dance a dance class, not sit a dance class!


All RDC adult competitors are required to take two exams a year, without exception - one exam in the NATD and one in the IDTA.

You will need these examinations in order to be able to do competitions. We will endeavour to make sure these two exam days are six months apart.

All students, including the social dancers, are encouraged to take their exams as well.

Ballroom dance classes in Surrey


RDC accepts cash, cheques and bank transfers as methods of payment.

All of our classes work on a 'course-fee' basis - we do not offer the option to pay weekly. This is because we have found this to be the most effective way to ensure continuity in your classes and give you the best learning experience possible.

Please note though that there will be no refunds on classes missed; however you are welcome to come in another day and time to take classes. There will be make-up classes scheduled to accommodate weather-related cancellations and holidays. Please note that block payments are also non-transferable.

When booking your first personal lesson with the school, we do require payment in advance in order to secure your booking, however, for all subsequent bookings you can choose between advance payment or pay on the day. Please note that all personal lessons require 48-hour cancellation notice otherwise you will be charged in full for that lesson.


Please contact Rubies Dance Centre on email or telephone whenever the need arises. Most of the time a simple email or phone call will enable staff to help you with any problems that may arise.

Class Behaviour

We want all our students to have an enjoyable and educational dance experience. We will treat you with courtesy and respect. We expect our students to show the same attitude towards their teacher and fellow dancers.
Come prepared to dance - attire, grooming, attitude, ambition, energy!

"I cannot change your dancing. I can only change your mind, and then you will change your dancing."

Neil, Head Coach


All competitors at Rubies Dance Centre will be automatically entered into all competitions, without exception, unless sufficient notice has been given to your teacher.

If you fail to give sufficient notice and your tickets have been ordered, you will be charged in full for the tickets. You will also be charged £25.00 for the time wasted in arranging your entry into the competition.

Rubies Dance Centre students do not pick and choose which competitions they do: this is decided upon by the proprietor, not the students. As a competitor, you will be expected to attend all competitions unless it conflicts with other arrangements that cannot be changed.

All competitors are representing Rubies Dance Centre and are therefore asked to observe the following rules at competitions:

All hair and make-up should be completed up to a standard that is acceptable for a competition.

The staff of RDC have the right to ask you to change this if they feel it does not meet the standards we expect. We will withdraw your entry if you do not comply with our request.

Make sure that you are aware of all the dress code rules for each competition, then ensure your dress code is in line with the rules set out. We expect you to look like a million dollars so you dance like a million dollars.

The attitude and behaviour of all our students at competitions have a direct reflection upon the dance school, therefore we ask all our students to refrain from the use of bad language and inappropriate behaviour. Bad language or bad behaviour will not be tolerated. Please ensure that any of your guests are aware of our rules and follow them, as this will reflect upon you.Rubies Dance Centre do the competitions to have fun, but more importantly, to win.

Rubies Dance Centre do the competitions to have fun, but more importantly, to win. However, on rare occasions, you may have a bad day. We all work hard to get the results we all want, but sometimes it doesn't work out: no tears, no tantrums. Be a team player and support the rest of the team. Just remember, your good day will come!