Social Dances in Surrey

Social Dances in Surrey

If you live in the dance world for over 30 years, you tend to see trends come and go. Social dances are one of those top trends. At any one time there can be social dances everywhere and then six months later you are wondering where they have all gone. Most of my pupils are now asking me, “where can I find social dances in Surrey?”

Looking for social dances in Surrey

Social Dances in Surrey 2018So I am going to attempt to answer that question. I am also going to point out things to look for when you finally find them. So what to look for in social dances in Surrey? Well, that is a much harder question to answer than you may think. The answer depends on the following criteria:

  1. Which age range do you fall into?
  2. How long have you been dancing?
  3. Does competing interest you?
  4. Do you need a car park?
  5. What do you look for in music and atmosphere?

What kind of dancer are you?

Social Dances in Surrey RubiesThe above criteria will determine your search for social dances in Surrey. For example, a social dance may not suit you if you are younger and the social dance is aimed at a much older generation. However, if you are of that older generation yourself, you may not want the youngsters flying across the floor. Each person looking for social dances in Surrey will have a different outlook on competitors attending. Some like it because they watch and copy. Or they may be competitors themselves. While others hate it because is knocks their confidence and can be intimidating. Therefore, the kind of dancer that you are will have a big effect on the type of social dances in Surrey that you will enjoy.

Do you need parking?

My wife and I recently attended a social dance in Richmond. While it was a slightly expensive ticket price because of the area, the hall was lovely and there was a good mix of age and ability. The parking was the element that spoiled the night for us. We ended up paying over £30 just to park the car. And it didn’t even get a dance! We thought this might be why the dance was relatively poorly attended.

Music & Atmosphere

Ballroom Social Dances in SurreyThe music and atmosphere is another thing to take into account. For example, I am often told that Mr Wonderful has the best music and the best atmosphere. Well, I know Mr Wonderful and he is very good at what he does. People do love him, his music and his nights, so thumbs up on all counts. Well, maybe not. If you are under 65, it may not be for you.

With all these factors, does anyone stand a chance of finding good social dances in Surrey?

Social Dance Recommendations

Well actually no. There are lots of social dances out there. It is becoming increasingly popular again. All of the above is just to make you think about which social dances in Surrey you attend. You need to make sure they suit you. There is a great independent magazine available called Dance Diary. It provides you with all the dance related events around London and the Greater London area. Click here to visit their webpage where you can subscribe annually.

We, therefore, have decided to start our very own social dance event. This event will be designed as a practice night where you can come and hone your latest moves. We will be playing a mixture of music to satisfy all tastes. There will be competitors in attendance. However, we will be playing two of each dance and the competitors will only be allowed to dance for the first one and not both. We want to try and make it a friendly, inclusive dance practice night that will have everyone socialising. There is plenty of parking, a nice big dance floor and teachers on hand to help anyone that needs it. So the newest addition to social dances in Surrey will be at the Egham Youth Centre on the last Sunday of every month from 8 pm – 9:30 pm. The best part is that tickets are only £5 for members and £7 for non-members. Click here to visit our timetable.

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