Learn to Dance in Egham

The dream of dancing

The darkness of the night seems to be overwhelming. A blackness covering everything with a sheet of gloom. The wind blows. It howls into the blackness as the rain lashes down. Everything gains a glistening shine. Inside, you look out into the darkness and you settle in for the evening warm and snug. Learning to dance in Egham is the last thing on your mind.Learn to dance in Egham 1

The sofa feels comforting and secure as you turn on the TV. Saturday night viewing starts early with the popular show Strictly Come Dancing. The rhinestone costumes sends glittering effects into your living room. The sparkles dance across the walls and the ceiling as you watch the outrageous choreography and makeup flitter across the screen. While you get whisked away with the rhythm, your daydream of dancing for yourself creeps up again. There’s a shiver of excitement throughout your body. A tingle of what it would be like to be dancing in such a way while wearing such a dress. There’s the slinky dresses swishing in Latin or the flowing elegant dresses in Ballroom. What would it be like? The excitement grows. But there’s no-one learning to dance in Egham – is there?

The reality

Suddenly your daydream is brought to a crashing end. A thud landing like a meteor out of space crashes down next to you. The sound of your husband: “not this rubbish again”. Secretly, before he disturbed your daydream, he was stood behind you transfixed on how poetry in motion made total sense now. Mesmerised by how a man can dance and still look quite masculine. All the while too scared to suggest that maybe you should be learning to dance in Egham.Learn to dance in Egham 2

Instead of following that chain of thought, he decides to remind you that you would never be able to dance like that anyway. These dancers practise for 90 hours a week. We both have to work so there is no point. So you both sit there: in the warm, on the comfortable sofa, while the blackness dominates the outside. You both just watch and dream and watch and dream. Not telling each other that you think you should try learning to dance in Egham.

Learning to dance in Egham

Painted the picture? Well, let’s get some reality going on here.

Yes, Strictly Come Dancing is a roaring success as a TV show. But it is a TV show – a form of entertainment. It actually doesn’t represent dancing in the correct light. Even if you dance for 20 years, you most likely you won’t dance like they do on Strictly because, for want of a better word, it is complete rubbish.Learn to dance in Egham 3

However, if you dream of dancing, then find a place to learn. There are plenty of people like you already learning to dance in Egham, Anyone can dance and really enjoy themselves doing so. If you dream of wearing the competition dresses then why not try competing? You still won’t do all the things they do on Strictly because that’s just for TV. However, you would learn to dance correctly and to a much higher standard.

These competitions are called medallist competitions. They are designed for the ordinary person that goes out to work and just wants a hobby. It’s great because you can be any age – and we really mean that! We have one person that competes and she is 97 years old. Any size can compete too. You don’t have to be super skinny. Just be yourself. You also don’t have to wear the outlandish dresses if you don’t want to. We will always make sure you feel comfortable on the floor.

So, instead of sitting there on a Saturday night, watching and dreaming. Talk to your partner and ask them about to learning to dance in Egham. Chances are, they have thought about it too. Come to a class and start the journey. You will be surprised how fulfilling it can be. Learning to dance in Egham yourself will be so much better than the rubbish you see on Strictly.

For all our beginner’s courses and competition training, check out our timetable page. Find what you want today. Start the journey of a lifetime, and watch all your dreams come true, learning to dance in Egham. Click here for our Facebook page………………………………………………..

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