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Best Dance Schools In Surrey

Best Dance Schools In SurreyDisaster Strikes

My goal has always been to grow the best dance school in Surrey. Competitions are a big part of that. However, a few weeks ago the stress in my life quadrupled. Not only were we were coming up to the N.A.T.D (National Association of Teachers of Dancing) National finals at Blackpool, but disaster struck!

Luckily it didn’t strike me. This in itself is a miracle as if anything is going to happen I am normally the focal point of sod’s law. However, this time it struck some poor people, at the N.A.T.D. So why aren’t I singing out like the songbirds of Blackpool? (which we affectionately call seagulls).

Alas, sod’s law was inevitably after me too. The disaster was that the ceiling at the empress ballroom in the winter gardens had fallen through. This was the same ballroom in which we were supposed to be competing in the national finals.

Victory from the Ashes

Was this the end of a year’s work? Not just for me but for all my pupils? Was lady luck going to charge in on her white horse and save the day for my school? For all the pupils that had put up with one whole year of me shouting at them for doing things poorly? Would we lose our chance to prove that we are the best dance school in Surrey?

Well, the answer was yes! The poor lady at the N.A.T.D. performed miracles and managed to rearrange the whole competition within two weeks of the competition date. Let me tell you that this was no easy task. Everything had to change and I am sure that many dance teachers were shouting at her in the process. I can assure you though that I was definitely not one of them.Best Dance Schools In Surrey

So the stage was set for another year of competing at Blackpool. Was this going to be another great year like the last or a complete disaster? We’ve had disasters before but not for many years.

So with the weather nice, we traveled up for what was going to be an eventful weekend, especially with all the last minute changes. The team was fired up ready for their dance floor battles with enemies they knew and some they didn’t. The nerves were high as the year prior we had one of the best years ever, albeit with a much smaller contingent.

Against All Odds

The team, as always, banded together and gave the atmosphere at The Pavilion in the Winter Gardens a huge team spirit. Our team entered the arena for two days to compete and win the trophies they had come to claim.

The other schools were hell-bent on stopping us, claiming what we saw as rightfully ours. The battles were hard and the other schools standard was extremely high, but Rubies shine bright and strong with the red amber ofBest Dance school In Surrey passion. We were driven on to claim all the shiny trophies like magpies.

With some trophies slipping through our fingers but others won well, we ended up having another wonderful weekend. 6 new National Champions and 8 more trophies than we won last year. We really have proved that while we may be small, we are the best dance school in Surrey.

For a full list of our achievements and photos of our battles please visit our facebook page.

Whilst the competitive season has ended, the new year of dancing is just beginning. We are always looking for new people to join our friendly team to compete next year. Come along and be part of the best dance school in Surrey. You can read more about our competition team here.

My mind always thinks if Carlsberg made dance schools then Rubies Dance Centre would be the product!Best Dance School In Surrey

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