Dance Competitions & Dance Classes In Surrey

Dance Competitions and Dance Classes in Surrey – Social or Competitive?

Dance Competitions and Dance Classes in Surrey 1What type of dance school do you belong to? Or what type of dance school do you want to find? The heart of the question is in the title of this article: “Dance Competitions and Dance Classes in Surrey”. Does your school attend dance competitions? Do they hold dance classes in Surrey? And are they any good at their competitions or classes?

So now I have set the mood, I will try to give you the facts about our dance school  – Rubies Dance Centre. Now, of course, I will have to do my best to be completely unbiased. I’m trying to drown out the imaginary cries of your scepticism as I speak…

Dance Competitions and Dance Classes in Surrey – What kind of school is Rubies Dance Centre?

The answer to which type of dance school Rubies Dance Centre is, is actually much more complicated than you might anticipate. The reason that it is so hard to define what kind of dance school Rubies has become, it because the school I set out to create almost 10 years ago is very different to the school I have today.Dance Competitions and Dance Classes in Surrey 2

I was a hardened competitor during my first dancing career. Ten years ago, I set out to open the best competitive dance school in the country, We have gone on to achieve status on the competitive circuit – of being top competitors and sometimes the top dog. However, the school has morphed into a very different animal now.

Rubies Dance Centre is now as much a school for social dancers as it is for competitive dancers. This social element has produced a much richer dancing experience at Rubies Dance Centre. We have the social side – which is popular and incredibly friendly – mixed with the competitors. This mix really does give us the edge over the other schools as the mix of social and competitive dancers brings up the standard of the whole school. To see our full array of classes, click here.

Dance Competitions and Dance Classes in Surrey – Are we any good?

Are we any good? Well let me see. I am the head coach so obviously I am going to say yes. However, I am always telling my competitors that they need to be honest about their own dancing in order to improve! So rather than just telling you how wonderful we are, I thought I would try to prove it to you. The best way to prove it, is to tell you about our results. I can tell you about last year at the National Finals. I can also tell you about our results so far this year in the qualification rounds. However, I can’t tell you about the National Finals this year yet because we haven’t had them!

Dance Competitions and Dance Classes in Surrey 3So last year we took 8 competitors to the National Finals in the Winter Gardens in Blackpool. All our competitors were entered in two events: Ballroom & Latin. That meant Rubies were competing in 16 events in total (just in case your maths wasn’t too hot…) Rubies Dance Centre made 16 finals – that’s a 100% record. Every single person placed in the top three – with only one exception who came 4th. Oh, and we came away with six National Champions.

We have competed in two qualifying events so far this year. 100% of our pupils have qualified this competitive season. This is the third year in the row that we have reached this accomplishment. So let’s come back to the question: are we any good? I think there is room for improvement!

To find out about the next Blackpool National Finals, you can refer to the dance association website.

Dance Competitions and Dance Classes in Surrey – Can anyone join in?

This is the question I get asked the most: can anyone join in? The simple answer is yes. The complicated answer is also yes. The more people that join in, the better.

What about if…

  • I am only a beginner! Answer: who cares! Dance in the beginners section.
  • I am too old! Answer: rubbish! No one is too old to learn to dance better and have fun in a great team environment.
  • I am blind or I have a prosthetic leg or asthma or any type of condition! Answer:  it doesn’t matter! Dance competitions have a section for you to compete in.

Dance Competitions and Dance Classes in Surrey 4We compete in competitions for ‘hobby’ dancers. That means competitions which are designed for normal people that have jobs and lives outside of dancing. They are an opportunity to compete and have a great time. You can learn to do something fantastic. You can go on to improve, and hopefully win. But if you don’t win, then who cares? You had fun doing it and that’s the point.

To see the latest from our team, check out our Facebook page.

Dance Competitions and Dance Classes in Surrey – When is the best time to start?

Earlier you heard me gloating about the Blackpool National Finals. These dance finals are held at the end of September each year. So if you want to start competing with Rubies Dance Centre then the best time to start would be October. The time for our regular competition class in Sunday afternoon. For more details, read here. However ,if you miss October then the best time to start is now! You can jump into our competition class at any time of the year. The coaching team will always be able to assist. Our experienced team members will help you to settle in.

Rubies Dance Centre would love to get the biggest team possible this year. We are looking for any beginners or improvers to join in the fun. We would love to have a mix of abilities and ages joining our team.

If you have any questions at all, then please do contact us. We would love to hear from you!

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