Newcomers to Ballroom Competition

Newcomers to Ballroom

Newcomers to Ballroom Competitions

Newcomers to Ballroom

Every year around this time I always feel like Brittany Spears, singing that famous song “oops I did it again”.

If you didn’t have the pleasure of being born before the 90s – you can check out the classic tune here.

So what did I do again? Well, I took all my newcomers to ballroom competitions to the qualification event for the National Finals at Blackpool.

Newcomers to Ballroom Competitions – Success

Newcomers to Ballroom

Now I know you are reading this and shouting at me that this is my job. However, it was the success that we achieved that I am talking about. We managed to get every single one of our newcomers to ballroom competitions to qualify for Blackpool.  Not only did we get the newcomers to ballroom competitions to qualify, we got all our competitors to qualify. For the third year in a row, 100% of our pupils qualified for Blackpool. That’s what I did again!

If you’d like to see some of the highlights from the qualification event, then check out our Facebook page.

Newcomers to Ballroom Competitions – Shot myself in the foot

Newcomers to Ballroom

Now some might think I am bragging about the success but seriously every year I feel like I have shot myself in the foot again. The problem is that now I don’t have enough people to partner everyone in Blackpool. We always manage but sometimes I think it would be easier with slightly less success.

Newcomers to Ballroom Competitions – More Needed

Newcomers to Ballroom

So this year I have been racking my brain to come up with a solution for this lovely problem. The solution is more, not just more, but much more. We need more newcomers to ballroom competitions. I want to flood the school with people that want to dance in ballroom competitions. It doesn’t matter what your age is. It doesn’t matter what level you are. It doesn’t matter if you have never danced before. It doesn’t matter what sex you are. If we have more people in the team, we will have more partners available.

If you’re interested but don’t know if this is for you, then contact us. We are always happy to talk. We can explain more about how dance competitions work and how you can take part.

Newcomers to Ballroom Competition – Proof in the Pudding

Newcomers to Ballroom

We are calling all people that have dreamed about dancing in a ballroom competition. Most people don’t do it because they are scared or nervous. However, all you need to do is jump in and get involved. Rubies Dance Centre over the last three years has shown that it doesn’t matter about age, level or size. Chances are that we will get any newcomers to ballroom competitions to qualify for Blackpool. One thing is for sure you will have a great time with a great team learning to do it.

If that sounds like you, then check out our adult class timetable. The best place to start is often a Beginners Ballroom and Latin course where you can learn the basics.

If you want to jump straight into competition training, then contact us about attending our competition class on a Sunday afternoon.

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