Salsa Dance Classes In Surrey

Salsa Dance Classes in Surrey – why is it so hard to find a class?

Are you looking for Salsa dance classes in Surrey? You probably remember a time when you couldn’t walk fifty yards down the road without seeing an advert for salsa.

Sadly, that time has long gone. There are many reasons for this but we are going to discuss just one today.  The first reason for the demise of Salsa dance classes in Surrey is a widespread issue within the industry.

Salsa Dance Classes In Surrey

Let me explain. In this country, there is no legal requirement for a qualification to teach.   Imagine, Mr Joe Bloggs, goes to a salsa class somewhere learns for six weeks. He decides this is a good way to make money so he finds a hall and starts up his classes. He just teaches what he has learned in the first six weeks. After that, he continues to attends classes himself and teaches as he learns.  There is nothing illegal in this and nothing to stop him doing it.

He has no qualifications, no real understanding of what he is doing and no insurance. This leads to a low standard of teaching in a dangerous environment.  Unfortunately, during the Salsa craze, this is exactly what happened. Standards went down, the enjoyment waned and authentic salsa got confused. If you went to a salsa club, no one could dance together because no one was teaching the same salsa. The same thing is happening with Zumba right now.  This is one the reasons for the disappearance of Salsa dance classes in Surrey.

Salsa Dance Classes In Surrey

Salsa Dance Classes in Surrey – Salsa Revival

Now while this is very sad, there is a silver lining: the revival of authentic salsa. The craze has passed. Qualified dance teachers are the only ones still left teaching salsa dance classes in Surrey. From beginners’ classes to improvers and intermediate levels, this art form is still very much alive. These dance schools and teachers are making salsa pure again.

We are still excited to be teaching Salsa dance classes in Surrey. Our Head Coach is fully versed in the authentic Cuban salsa. Along with other dance schools like us, we are taking a stand against the fake salsa. We are taking people back to the routes of this Latin rhythm.  We teach people to fall in love with this art form. Rubies Dance Centre offers Salsa dance classes in Surrey in Egham and Chertsey. To see our full timetable, click here.

We promise to teach you the same traditional salsa that is taught from generation to generation in Cuba.  We focus on creating a pure Salsa experience in a fun and relaxed environment, with highly qualified teachers. If you are looking for Salsa dance classes in Surrey, then come and try us out.


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  • Hi , would you be able to supply a male and female team to run a small group Salsa tuition night please for novices in our home for roughly 5 couples. Lively 50/60 yrs. We are in the St Margarets, Twickenham area and we thought an hr of tuition/dance, break for Latin food then another hr or so of tuition /dance? Tuesday 21st August please. Might that be something you can provide please. We thought it could be great fun! Thanks, RIchard

    • Hi Richard. Thank you so much for your comment! It sounds like something we would absolutely love to help you with. We will send over an email with some more details. If for any reason you don’t receive the email then please do contact us on Thanks!


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