Egham Youth Centre

New venue for Egham dance classes

Rubies Dance Centre has a new venue for Egham dance classes.  From Sunday 1st October 2017, we will be holding all our Sunday dance classes and lessons in Egham Youth Centre.  Sundays are one of the busiest days of the week at Rubies.  We host our Competition Class, Theory Class and a host of personal lessons for competitors, social dancers and wedding couples.

Thank You to the Hub

The Hub in Englefield Green has previously been the venue for Rubies’ Egham dance classes.  This has been the Sunday home of Rubies Dance Centre for almost five years.  We will always be grateful to the Hub for giving our dance school its first space for Egham dance classes.  For the foreseeable future, we will continue to hold dance classes and lessons at the Hub during the week.  For a full timetable of all our classes, please click here.

We would like to take this opportunity to recognise the Hub for giving Rubies Dance Centre a home for our Egham dance classes.  We would also like to recognise all the other work they do for the local community:

  • The venue is an invaluable resource for local businesses such as ourselves.
  • The charity who manage the space also actively run numerous initiatives for the local community.

Rubies Dance Centre has been proud to support their work to date through our Egham dance classes.  We will continue to support the Hub through holding our Egham dance classes there during the week.  To read more about the Hub’s community work, please visit their website.

Hello to Egham Youth Centre

Egham Dance Classes 1However, this venue change is a sign of the positive progression which is taking place in our dance school.  As mentioned, the Rubies Competition Class is held on Sunday afternoons.  Over the past year, our competitive team has grown not just in size but in standard.  So we needed a new, bigger venue to continue to teach our Egham dance classes on Sundays.

Egham Youth Centre will provide us with a larger dance floor on which to start our new competitive year.  On 23rd and 24th September 2017, our competitive team will be attending the national finals in Blackpool.  This event is always the culmination of a year’s hard work.  When class returns in October, it will be time to start working towards our next competitive season.  Teaching our competition team in the bigger hall at Egham Youth Centre will give us an edge.  To read more about our competitive side, please click here.  All those who book Egham dance classes or lessons with us on Sundays will also benefit from this larger space.

Egham Youth Centre is a convenient location for our Egham dance classes in many other ways too.  There is parking onsite – just behind the venue.  Its location on Egham High Street also means it is accessible from the train station.   So, those travelling by car or train, to attend Egham dance classes or lessons on a Sunday will find it convenient.  Egham Youth Centre is also directly opposite a local café called the Golden Café.  This became a favourite haunt of many of our team so we’re looking forward to a few more cheeky burgers!Egham Dance Classes

Finally, Egham Youth Centre is another local community hall which Rubies Dance Centre will be proud to support.  The staff and the venue are dedicated to supporting young people in the local area.  We are delighted that by hosting our Egham dance classes on Sunday in this venue, we will be supporting their ventures.  For more information on their work, you can read their website.


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